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All cutouts are made with EDCO 1.25 mils adhesive back foil

See our Stained Glass Store for sample pieces using foil cutouts


Risa Batterman-Dera is a contemporary stained glass artist who received her Bachelors of Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design and has explored and practiced various forms of art throughout her career both as an artist and art instructor. Captivated by the majesty and grace of stained glass since childhood, the Tiffany method of producing stained glass quickly became her main focus and favored technique. The Tiffany method of producing stained glass consists of each pattern piece of glass being individually cut, ground and wrapped with copper foil before being fitted into the design and then soldered along the foil lines thereby creating the lead lines.

Recently asked to create a special piece of glass as a 90th birthday present she soon realized that the amount of small words requested to be placed in the design was going to be a “cut line” and logistical nightmare! Searching for an alternative solution to cutting the small letters out of glass and realizing there wasn’t a product commercially available she decided to create custom copper foil overlays to be used in the production of stained glass. Hence, the creation of Foil Revolution, LLC.

Foil Revolution, LLC is the solution that enables you to add elements to your stained glass pieces without an excess of cut lines, therefore making your piece cleaner to the eye and is a great, easy way to add a little whimsy and texture to your pieces.

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